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Litigation Graphics - Leverage at Mediation - South Florida Litigation Graphics Co. Discusses

Many of our blog posts discuss how litigation graphics, multimedia presentations, medical illustrations, and/or animations can help you succeed at trial; persuade a jury to see your client's story. However, we all know that more than 95% of cases are settled before trial. Therefore, it is just as important to use all tools available to you at mediation where you have the opportunity to settle your client's case for top dollar without the risk of trial.

Over our 15+ years of experience preparing and delivering litigation graphics, medical illustrations, and multimedia presentations, a large amount has been prepares for settlement discussions, mediation, and arbitration. Preparing a presentation that signals to an adjuster or opposing party that "We are ready to go to trial" and/or "We know the case better than your counsel" can greatly increase the offers extended at mediation.

In addition, society due to social media and the amount of digital information consumed by individuals daily, has trained all of use to digest information digitally. Therefore a mediator or the adjuster will respond favorably to a multimedia interactive and even animations (recreations of the incident). Since the rules of evidence do not apply in mediation, take advantage. Show everyone in the mediation room what exactly happened during an event and not just some attorney speaking about their theory. A picture is worth a thousand words so a video is invaluable.

For most mediations, APVisuals creates an interactive multimedia presentation outlining facts, liability, causation, damages, and potential jury verdicts. The presentation(s) combine video, computer graphics, bulleted facts, photographs, and documents all in one package. APVisuals also prints and delivers high quality trial boards / enlargements for that point that you want to stick and stay up through the presentations of all parties.

If you or your firm have a medical malpractice, railroad, car accident, premises liability or other personal injury matter needing interactives, exhibits, or an animation, Please call APVisuals at 305-318-9570 to discuss. If you have an upcoming mediation or trial and would like to discuss how APVisuals can help you obtain the settlement or verdict that you are searching for, please contact us. We look forward to working with you.


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