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APVisuals, Best Trial Support Firm, Assists in Obtaining Plaintiff Verdict in Trampoline Park Case

APVisuals, best trial support firm, recently assisted Francisco Viñas, Esq. and Jarret L. Deluca, Esq. of Viñas & Deluca Law in a suit against trampoline park, Ultimate Trampoline, LLC d/b/a Summit Adventure Park Spring Hill.

Plaintiff, a minor patron, claimed that he suffered a fractured femur when the are of the Wipe out device struck him causing him to fall and fracture his femur. Plaintiff claimed that the Wipe Out Arm was a dangerous condition and a Hillsborough County jury agreed. After a four day trial, a Hillsborough County jury awarded the Plaintiff $600,000+ in compensatory damages.

APVisuals assisted Plaintiff's counsel in: 1) publishing exhibits to the jury; 2) synchronizing depositions with transcripts; 3) creating a multimedia presentation regarding the damages; 4) creating medical illustration's of Plaintiff's injuries and subsequent treatment, and 5) other tasks.

If you or your firm have a amusement park injury, medical malpractice, negligent security, assault and battery, bodily injury, car accident, premises liability or other personal injury matter needing medical illustrations, interactives, exhibits, or an animation, Please call APVisuals at 888-399-0988 to discuss. If you have an upcoming mediation or trial and would like to discuss how APVisuals can help you obtain the settlement or verdict that you are searching for, please contact us. We look forward to working with you.


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