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Colorization of MRIs and X-Rays - South Florida Medical Illustration

So you are a South Florida (Miami, Broward and/or West Palm Beach) personal injury attorney and want to show the severity of your client's injuries. Of course, you have x-ray films, MRIs and even CT scans. But ... it suddenly dawns on you that no one in jury pool will likely know how to read any of these diagnostic films. The only thing they may know what to look for is possibly a broken bone, but definitely not any fractures. What is more compelling than a simple medical illustration, the colorization of diagnostic films. Rather than creating a drawing of what the injury could look like, colorized MRI's, X-rays, etc. take the medical evidence and "highlight" the injury to make it easily visible and understandable by the jury.

The benefits of using colorized films include, but are not limited to:

* Accuracy of the anatomy since it is right over the original film;

* Comparison between original film and the colorized version side by side;

* Illustrate screws, plates, and other hardware for maximum impact on the jury;

* Clearly show soft tissue injuries such as herniations, bulges, etc. that are difficult

to see on diagnostic films;

Lets call it like it is. There will be some debate between experts and treating physicians regarding what they even see in a diagnostic film. The films can be dark, taken at a different angle, and a have a whole other set of issues. When you have APVisuals colorize your films to highlight the injuries, jurors have a chance to evaluate the films themselves, see the injuries, see the procedure, see the resulting effect.

How Do We Get It Done?

When you hire APVisuals to create a colorized MRI, X-Ray, etc. or medical illustration for your case, you can expect that the medical illustrator will not only work closely with you and your support staff, but the medical illustrator will also be in contact with your expert to ensure that everyone is on the same page. APVisuals usually asks the attorney to provide certain medical records (operative report, MRIs, CT scans, x-rays, etc.), a background of the case and injury, and what is to be highlighted. Of course, our illustrator will also give ideas and feedback based on our years of experience. After reviewing all these documents, the illustrator will create a draft (as finalized pursuant to the illustrator's opinion) and submit it to your expert's review for corrections and/or approval. This process may take a few tries based on the conversations between the attorney, illustrator and expert.

If you are handing a personal injury case in Miami-Dade, Broward, or West Palm Beach and are in need of colorized diagnostic films medical illustrations to use at deposition, mediation or trial please contact us to discuss. We would love to work with you on your next case. If you would like to review some of our other work, please check out our other medical illustrations by clicking here.

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