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What is an ELMO? It sure isn't a Sesame Street Character.

What is an ELMO? Simply it is a document projector or camera. It is able to magnify and project documents and 3D items onto a screen.

In Court, litigators can use an ELMO to display a small piece of 3D evidence like a shoe, a nail, etc. to a simple document. In this post-COVID world where attorneys are trying to present evidence but avoid the exchange of exhibits within jurors to stop any potential spread of the virus, using an ELMO will allow a litigator to amplify key items or evidence and Communicate to jurors concern for their well-being. For example if you are dealing with a premises liability case where the Plaintiff alleges that she/he slipped and fell. You may want to amplify the sole of the shoe to show the usage, tread, and wear and tear.

Litigators can also use an ELMO in order to amplify key documents, photographs and highlight certain words, circle certain items, and bring the attention to certain sections of the document while still maintaining control of the document.

An ELMO, another example of courtroom technology, allows lawyers to present documents and evidence in a different manner to keep the jury interested. The change of format really allows to peak a jurors interest and highlights the importance of the certain document or piece of evidence.

If you are going to trial, let us worry about the technology. APVisuals provides its clients reliable and expertly-maintained audio/visual equipment that help the efficient and effective presentation of your case. APVisuals offers clients delivery, set-up, management and breakdown of its audio/visual equipment. We can simply provide you the equipment or handle every aspect during your trial. If you are interested in securing audio/visual support tech for your next trial, please select our trial support services page for more information.


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