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Just Trial Boards? These Aren't Ordinary Trial Boards?

If you are a litigator, litigation paralegal, or an attorney, the odds are you have either seen trial boards or have used them at mediation or trial. Many litigators believe - once you've seen a trial board you have seen them all - "Trial Boards are simple blow-ups of photographs, timelines, etc." However, not all trial boards are created equal. APVisuals can custom tailor boards to fit your case. For example:

- Car Accident Case - We can create a magnetic board/print out that allows you to cars that will travel and stay on the board for demonstrative purposes. This will allow your experts and witnesses to interact with the jury. You can have your witnesses get up from the witness stand, move the board and items on the board, and make an impact on the jury.

- Medical Malpractice Case - We can create overlays on

to show what should have happened, and what did happen. In addition, overlays can be used to help contract a health patient versus one who is ill. This also will allow witnesses to address the jury, step down and gain credibility with your jury.

- Large Timelines - Sometimes timelines are intricate because many details were involved. APVisuals creates large timelines that sometime spans 8 to 16 feet - of course, upon request of the attorney. This can be impressive and compelling before a jury.

Regardless, APVisuals always combines its creativity with high quality products to help create trial exhibits and trial boards that enhance your case. Our exhibit boards are long lasting, high quality, and cost effective. We customize trial boards to your specifications and approval. In addition, our graphic artists who are classically trained make sure that the boards are accurate representations of either a hard copy of digital image down to the hue of color.

APVisuals prints standard size trial boards (24" x 36", 36" x 48") and custom sizes. We laminate our boards to ensure that the boards last throughout your trial. However, if you request, boards can be produced without laminate. Large boards are created in a foldable manner to ensure that you may be able to handle them in the courtroom with ease. Please note that this is not even mentioning the custom legal graphic design that we offer our clients for compelling and persuasive infographics and timelines.

If you are in need of trial boards or trial exhibits, APVisuals's legal graphic designers have over 20 years of combined experience in create effective and compelling trial exhibits and boards for clients. We are readily available to discuss with you on how we can enhance your case with a custom designed boards for your client's story. Contact us for further details.

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