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APVisuals is proud to offer clients in-house printing services.  We bring you over 15 years of experience in this specialized field - printing exhibit and trial boards. By providing Large Format Printing, APVisuals ensures that each blow-up, medical illustration or info-graphic is printed using high-quality inks, high-quality boards and high-quality paper.  By controlling the printing process, APVisuals is able to ensure that true colors of injuries and damages are used.  When dealing with any personal injury case, being able to demonstrate the accurate damages and injuries is crucial. In other words, APVisuals quality control procedures make sure that you not only get a quality product, but a product that accurately reflects the needs of your case.

Of course, your documents are secure with us. APVisuals handles all documents, photographs, etc. with the upmost confidentiality.  All APVisuals employees sign confidentiality agreements upon hire. 

Some of our options include:


     Magnetic Prints

     Photograph Blow - Ups


     Aerial Prints

     Trial Exhibits

     Mediation Exhibits

     Medical Illustration Blow-ups

     MRI/X-Ray Enlargements


     Black and White Document Blow - Ups


APVisuals prides itself on its ability to work closely with its attorney partners in creating trial exhibits specifically tailored for your case. If you have an upcoming mediation or trial, please contact to discuss potential exhibits and demonstratives.



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