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TIMELINE - Standard Operating Procedure

Most attorneys and law firms start off their visual strategy with one request - "I need a timeline." Most attorneys are wired to think this way because they are taught that a story should be told chronologically. However, ALL TIMELINES ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL. The power of a timeline is whether it conveys your message and does not lose your jury's attention.

APVisuals works one on one with their client's to create a timeline that conveys your case's theme. We also work together with clients to determine whether a jury will be able to read the timeline (too much text and too small), whether the timeline will be printed and mounted on trial boards or whether it will be displayed on a large screen.

In order to create an effective timeline, APVisuals will require the following information:

1. What is your goal with the time-line what do you want to show?

2. How many times will you use the timeline (opening, witnesses, closing)?

3. What is the complete story?

4. What are some key documents, medical records if you are doing an interactive timeline?

5. Who are the key players in your story?

6. Photographs of injuries, damaged property, etc.

If you are in need of a timeline, APVisuals's legal graphic designers have over 20 years of combined experience in create effective and compelling timelines for clients. We are readily available to discuss with you on how we can enhance you case with a custom designed timeline for your client's story. Contact us for further details.

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