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Winning Trial and Mediation Visuals Just an Email Away

Are you an attorney, paralegal or law firm headed to mediation or trial in just a few short weeks? Today's trial team must-have "winning visuals" that allow juries not only to understand the complex issues but to side with your client. Impactful legal graphics help materialize your case's theme in a manner that juries will be more likely than not to believe your side's point of view.

"Visuals can do so much more. They’re essential tools for increasing comprehension, credibility, and recall, and they involve simple techniques that are often overlooked or misapplied in the trial setting. Fortunately, there are ways to design and use visuals that will help jurors understand and remember critical facts and legal themes. They’ll also increase our own credibility, including building the jurors’ trust in us as their native guides through the case." -- Kerri L. Ruttenberg

APVisuals works one on one with its clients to help win trials. We work together with you to develop substantive ideas that impact the jury's point of view. Furthermore we will help develop a visual strategy consisting of medical illustration(s), 3DAnimation(s), infographics(s), timeline(s), multimedia presentations, and trial boards for your upcoming mediation and/or trial. We work with small and large budgets. However, regardless of the budget we custom tailor your exhibits for your case.

Please contact us if you are heading to trial or mediation in the near future. We look forward to working with you on your next case.


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