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Why Medical Illustrations in South Florida Make a Difference?

It is sometimes very difficult to explain and demonstrate a Plaintiff's injuries. More likely than not, what is usually left is a scar that is readily visible to the naked eye. However, if you are handling a brain injury case (where you have to show where the white brain matter is), a herniation case (where you have to show what a herniation is and how it presses on the spinal cord), or a surgical case with hardware (where you only have an x-ray that shows where the hardware is and does not have much affect on a lay person) it is sometimes difficult to communicate with jurors the severity of your client's damages. So how do you convey your client's permanent injuries? What is the best way to show the medical procedures that the injured underwent? Some may argue that just using medical records and x-rays is enough. However, x-rays on many occasion may be hard to read even by a radiologist. We suggest that by creating a color overlay, to go over the injured's film, a medical illustration can show the internal damage and bleeding of the injury and the corrective surgery.

In creating Medical Illustrations for clients, APVisuals not only reviews the injured's medical records and films (X-Ray, MRI, and etc.) We will also speak with your expert or treating physician in order to ensure that the medical illustration is accurate. This also ensures that your expert will able to testify regarding the medical illustration (so you only have to pay for one expert testimony rather than two). Please note that we make ourselves available to meet with our client attorney, staff and experts in order to ensure that the best medical illustration product is created. Of course, at a competitive price.

Colors and production become a big issue when dealing and presenting "accurate" medical illustrations. Fortunately, APVisuals provides in-house printing for its clients. By printing trial boards of medical illustrations, APVisuals ensures that each board is top-quality and the colors represent the image produced by the medical illustrators.

If you are handing a personal injury case in Miami-Dade, Broward, or West Palm Beach and are in need of medical illustrations to us at deposition, mediation or trial please contact us to discuss. We would love to work with you on your next case. If you would like to review some of our other work, please check out our other medical illustrations.


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