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Verdict Form - Print or Project on Screen? APVisuals discusses

That is an easy question for us - DEFINITELY PRINT THE VERDICT FORM!!! As you may know, by then of trial, 2 day, 12 day, 4 week trial, the jurors are mentally done. They are ready to hand in their verdict. You should make sure that they know how you want them to fill it out.

By enlarging and printing the verdict form, you can explain the verdict form and write in how your would like them to fill it out. This makes it easier for them to complete the form, which in all honesty can be confusing, and make your job easier. If you simply project on a screen or tv, you can explain, but they may not know what numbers to write in and what benefits your client. Take the liberty of filling in the responses that you would like in a bright marker so they can see the difference.

If your are headed to trial, call us to discuss how we can work together to improve the odds of your case. There are many nuances associated with visual aides where our years of experience only help your case. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

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