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Why Ordering Trial Boards Online Works

The thought of ordering trial boards online may be a scary thought to some attorneys. - "Leave nothing to chance," "What can go wrong, will go wrong," "Make sure you keep a paper trail," "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." You may be afraid to order something online ... and what if it doesn't get printed? What if it does not get printed right? What if what we ordered doesn't show up at our door step? What if they print the wrong size board? What if it is in black and white instead of color?


Ordering online, simply ensures that your order is put in immediately. You no longer have to wait for us to speak with you personally, pick up your images, or other hinderances that can simply be done electronically. When you order online we still:

  • Call you to let you know that we have received your order and when you can expect the same (approximately);

  • Call you to confirm that we have received the images to blow;

  • Contact you whether there are any issues with the images/documents you uploaded to blow-up;

  • Are available for any questions that you may have.

Litigation attorneys are also creatures of habit and tend to be a bit superstitious - so obviously don't change the formula. But similar to when someone uses their first dishwasher or their first Roomba - they can't imagine their lives without one. Once you have ordered boards online and they simply show up at your office - you'll wonder how you get got along with it.

What if I told you that ordering online can help your client's case and practice. Here are some benefits to ordering online:

  • Save Time and Money - No need to have a lengthy meeting with one of our designers for simple blow-ups. You have more time to prepare for your deposition, hearing, trial, etc. No meeting = no hourly charge for meeting.

  • Quicker Turn Around Time - No need for our designer to "pick-up" your document(s) to enlarge with our upload feature.

  • Status Notifications - Obtain email notifications regarding the status of your order.

  • Flexibility - Order from wherever ... whenever.


It is as easy as going to our website at

and clicking on the Order Online button. Select one of the sizes indicated above by clicking on the corresponding product image. You will then be asked to upload your document, enter whether you would like lamination or not, and the date and time needed. Once you have filled these fields and uploaded your document, you can then add your item to the bag. PLEASE NOTE - each board has to be ordered separately so we can associate the correct document with the correct size board. Once you have completed adding the item or items to your shopping cart/shopping bag, you can either select "Go to Checkout" or simply click on the "Shopping Bag Icon" at the Bottom of the Page. All of your items will be displayed. Review your cart and select the Checkout Button when you are ready. Then follow the prompts to enter your shipping and billing information.


If you are an attorney or law firm in Miami-Dade or Broward, APVisuals offers its client a standard courier fee of $30.00 to deliver your boards. Accordingly, we also offer UPS delivery for your boards as well. Clients ALWAYS have the option to pick up the boards themselves at our Pembroke Pines, Florida location.

Please note that if you need delivery within five (5) hours of placing your order, please contact us to discuss delivery options. Rush charges may apply.

Please be aware that design is not included in the price for this board. If you would like one of our designers to design a timeline, infographic, etc. please contact us to discuss at 305-318-9570 or email us at


Have a timeline or infographic that just won't fit into the standard size trial exhibit boards above? Have a photograph that you would like to make larger than 36" x 48"? Need an exhibit board that requires hinges? Need an exhibit board that is magnetic? Need an exhibit board to double as a white erase board? Don't worry, APVisuals has the experience and knowledge it takes to create custom exhibits that fit the need of your case. If you need to design a timeline, infographic, etc. we are available to help you with that too. Simply call us at 305-318-9570 to discuss.

If you are in need of boards for a deposition, gearing, mediation and/or trial try using or easy online ordering system for documents you want to enlarge. Please note that we can design your boards and give you conception to production services we have proudly rendered for over the last 30+ combined years. We look forward to hearing from you.

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