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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Litigation and Exhibits

APVisuals has vast experience and knowledge working on carbon monoxide poisoning cases. We were fortunate to have been able to work on numerous cases with the late and talented carbon monoxide attorney Don Russo. Russo, more traditional in his trial preparation used trial boards, blow ups of photographs, blow-ups of medical records, and infographics.

Recently, APVisuals was able to assist another South Florida Law Firm on a carbon monoxide case dealing with a motor vehicle rather than a home appliance. APVisuals helped create an animation to illustrate how the carbon monoxide severely injured the Plaintiffs. Here are a few still images from this animation. If you would like to see the full video, please email us at

Carbon Monoxide (hereinafter "CO") can kill. It is odorless and colorless. Any home appliance that runs on gas like a stove, refrigerator or water heater can let go of dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. The key is to regularly check these devices and place a Co detector in your home. For more details on the prevention of CO in your home, the detection of CO in your home, and the symptoms of CO visit the Center for Disease Control.

If you are currently handling a Carbon Monoxide Case for client, call APVisuals to assist you with your exhibits and demonstratives. We would love to assist you on your next case.


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