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First Party Property Attorneys - The Quality of the Photograph Matters

Document and Preserve Evidence is usually the most important step when handling a property damage case. The problem is that lawyers, paralegals and your clients are always in such a hurry to preserve the evidence by taking photographs that they do not remember that the quality matters.

When we say quality we mean: Is there enough lighting? Is there enough detail in the photograph? Is the resolution appropriate if the photograph has to be blown-up for trial to a 36" x 48" board? Is the photographic equipment accurately capturing the damage? Is the photographer taking photographs that show the actual location? Is the photographer using a drone to capture video of the conditions including the roof?

Hindsight is 20/20. These are all issues and concerns that a First Party Property Attorney preparing for trial begins to think about ... but then its too late by then. The best practice? - call APVisuals to take your photographs and video. We take professional video and photographs to ensure that your client's damages are well documented and preserved. It also ensures that accurate exhibits will be used throughout the case - from demand to trial to show consistency and accuracy - eliminating many concerns over admissibility.

Have a first party property claim that you need to document the property damage? Or already documented the property damage and need to print the photographs? Call APVisuals discuss how we can help you print, present and/or show the evidence of your client's damages. We look forward to working with you.

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