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Document Callouts - What to Highlight?

From our prior blog articles, you may know that we advocate using a variety of methods to present your trial exhibits and evidence. In sum, a combination of video, audio and old-fashion blown-up documents works best. With regard to actual document blow ups, we recommend that the theme or important points that you want to stick with the jury be on trial boards. Of course, if you are using trial boards for mediation, the goal is different, and the audience is different, so the content of the boards may be different. In this blow we discuss certain factors to consider when enlarging documents.


1. Do not call out entire paragraphs or many sentences at one time. Try to stick to your them. Maybe highlight certain words, or at the most one sentence in the document, deposition, etc.

2. Make sure that your jurors can read the call-out sitting from the jury box - at least from 15 feet away. Of course, when you are looking at the call-out document design, you will be looking at it from your computer screen for approval. You have to take into consideration that your audience will be viewing the call-out board from some distance away.

3. Always incorporate the title of the document and date of the document that you are blowing up.

4. Highlight important numbers, not an entire ledger. For example, if you are presenting a board with the economic and non-economic damages, highlight the total amount ONLY, not the other numbers. You want that last number to stick in the jurors' brains.

APVisuals prints its trial boards in-house. This gives us the ability to turn around your orders quickly. We are not a regular printing company like Kinkos, Sir Speedy, etc. So we understand the importance of litigation and the time constraints that litigation creates. APVisuals specializes in printing blow-ups (documents, medical records, photographs, etc.), timelines (small and large), infographics, aerials and jury instructions. We can deliver boards to your office, to mediation or to the courthouse.

If you are headed to trial or mediation, and are in need of enlargements of documents, photographs, etc. and exhibit boards, please call us to discuss. We would love to work with you.

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