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Working Through the Holidays - APVisuals is Right There With You.

So its really the first week in December. You quickly start moving through your files to see what you can settle, what you can set up for mediation, what you can prepare a motion for summary judgment and what you notice ready for trial. Never underestimate how visuals can help you settle that case. Never under estimate how visuals can help you get the adjuster on the file to offer an amount that is reasonable.

Having a clear and convincing visuals is key. Showing the adjuster that are you not only ready to go to trial the next day because all of your ducks are in a row, but incorporate key information that the insurance defense attorney has not provided to the adjuster, priceless. I know it may be hard to believe but ... adjusters are people to. It would be wise to incorporate a day in the life video to get to the adjuster's humanity. Make the adjuster understand that the injuries is not just a number that you punch into your computer program to calculate the potential value of the case. REMEMBER adjusters are also under a crunch to settle and resolve cases by year's end. The insurance companies do not want to be dragging litigation through to the next year. Take advantage of the situation. Call APVisuals to discuss how we can help you with our artistic and visual input.

APVisuals creates persuasive, clear, and powerful litigation visuals that capture the attention of adjusters, mediators, and opposing counsel. We work together with our clients in order to create multimedia presentations that are custom tailored for your case. This includes incorporating some of our other services such as medical illustrations, 3D animations, video depositions and infographics into our interactive presentations. APVisuals uses state of the art technology to produce clear and compelling multimedia presentations that help attorneys present their cases seamlessly. Not only do we create stunning litigation visuals, we work hard by your side to complete them in a timely manner.

If you at all follow us on social media like Facebook, you know that we here at APVisuals pride ourselves on our work ethic and dedication to our clients. Working hard is second nature at APVisuals. We understand that success is not a mistake or simply luck. Success is a result of the hard work put into a project. We know you are working hard on your case, preparing the issues, preparing your strategy. Why not hire a litigation visual strategy firm that follows your lead and works just as hard? If you are headed to trial or mediation soon, please contact us to discuss how we can help your case.


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