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Trial Boards - Why Who Prints Your Boards is Critical to Your Case.

So you are headed to trial in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach or Monroe County and you are thinking about printing some trial boards/enlargements/blow-ups. Just like you have taken care of every other detail in preparing for trial, choosing the right person/company to print your boards should be no different. Although there are many printing companies, big box companies, out there like *ffice Depot and K!nkos/F#edex, they simply process your order without taking the extra step (and here is the kicker) they are still more expensive that APVisuals.

When you send APVisuals a file, photograph, site plan, etc. to enlarge and print here are the extra steps that we take to ensure that the file prints correctly, looks its best, and only stands as a further compliment to you and your client's case:

  1. Check the file to see its size and resolution. If there are any issues with the size of the file which would compromise the clarity we will contact you prior to printing.

  2. Check the orientation of the file. Many times the file may be copied in a manner where the document is not straight. We will edit the document in order to ensure that the document is upright and aligned.

  3. Check the contrast and clarity of the file once it is enlarge and adjust accordingly for sharpness.

  4. Discuss with our client the optimal size of the enlargement based on resolution and the audience.

  5. Discuss with our client whether a matte laminate, glossy laminate, or no laminate is appropriate.

  6. Deliver the board to the mediator's office, courtroom, or client's office.

For over 15 years APVisuals has provided to South Florida attorneys and law firms in-house printing. We understand how important a simple trial board can be to your client's case. We also understand the importance of delivering a reasonably priced and well made product. We have the ability to have a next day or day of turn around (please call us to discuss your personal request in order to determine the time constraints involved).

APVisuals can print, enlarge, blow-up any document from letter size (8" x 11") to any length (you choose) x 40". In fact, APVisuals has on many occasions has had to print timelines for clients that span over 21'. Boards can be printing in full color, black and white (such as documents), and black and white with highlights. Boards, in order to last through wear and tear during trial are laminated. APVisuals specializes in printing blow-ups (documents, medical records, photographs, etc.), timelines (small and large), infographics, aerials and jury instructions.

If you are headed to trial or mediation, and are in need of enlargements of documents, photographs, etc. and exhibit boards, please call us to discuss. We would love to work with you.


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