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It is possible that many of you never imagined that you would be trial attorneys, performing before a judge and jury, but here we are. Founder and lead graphic designer, Alain Porven, stumbled onto his life's work by reinventing himself as a legal graphic designer - never imagining that he would be a business owner and graphic artist.

You, as an attorney, and Alain Porven have much in common: 1) attention to detail; 2) dedication; 3) work ethic; 4) creating visual presentations that set your case apart; 5) capturing your jury's attention and keeping it. Your success at trial depends on your ability to convey all the information and knowledge you have obtained working through and preparing your case to a jury. In short, you have all the ingredients to win your case except one: A CREATIVE LEGAL GRAPHICS FIRM THAT MATERIALIZES THE VISION YOU HAVE FOR YOUR CASE- APVISUALS. Yours is a recipe for success because you create it along with APVisuals.

APVisuals is in it for the long haul. We have the elusive and coveted GRIT (The dictionary definition of grit is: firmness of mind and spirit: unyielding course in the face of hardship or danger) We have the ability to work along side you in order to make sure that your case is ready for trial.

If you are headed to trial or mediation, contact APVisuals to discuss how we can help you succeed at trial.


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