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Finding a Great Trial Graphics Artist

All trial graphics artists are not created equal. The trial graphic artist you choose to entrust your case and the storytelling of your case can either make or break your case. A GREAT trial graphic artist can help you concisely and effectively tell you client's story in a way that capture's the jury and judge's attention. Trial graphic artists can craft creative artistic solutions for infographics, timelines, 3Danimations, medical illustrations and scene re-enactments. The reality is that even though anyone can pass a graphic artist course talent, experience, and knowledge play are the components of a great trial graphic artist. It is important that when you are trying to retain a trial graphics artist for your case, mediation and or trial that you look for the following characteristics:


Nothing can replace years of experience. A trial graphics artist who has been repeatedly placed in the trenches drafting and creating timelines, infographics, diagrams, medical illustrations, blow-ups, deposition call-outs has the chops to deliver quality legal and trial graphic designs efficiently and effectively. As any trial lawyer is aware of, rulings during pre-trial hearings pertaining to exhibits and deposition objections can change exhibits the day before the commencement of trial. In fact, sometimes, rulings can change the admissibility of an exhibit right before it is to be put on. Experienced trial graphics artists are able to amend, supplement and change designs quickly - that sometime means being in court to amend the graphics. It is critical to fins an experienced trial graphics artist that is no stranger to these high pressure scenarios.


Basically - the trial graphics artist that you hire should know their stuff. They should be able to produce products and designs that can be used using both Apple/Mac and PCs. The trial graphic artist should be knowledgeable using design softwares such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Powerpoint, Keynote, etc. They should be skilled in how to present the design and producing it in a way that can be either printed to display on a large screen in the middle of the courtroom.


An exceptional trial graphics artist uses their creativity to captivate jurors. They are able to take your case, the facts and try and present them in a way that highlights your client's point of view and tells their story in the best light possible. Sometimes this means that they use colors that direct jurors attention to certain facts. This also may include when designing an infographics board by keeping certain photographs minimal while bringing forward others. Regardless the trial graphics artist has to be able to provide the attorney with ideas on how to present the information.


Although a trial graphics artists spends most of his/her time working by themselves designing, they have to be able to work on a litigation team. They have to be used to dealing with and communicating with paralegals, legal assistants, lawyers, and experts. The reality is that inout regarding a design or medical illustration can come from many angles and the graphic artist must be able to effectively communicate with all involved in order to produce effective and compelling designs.

All exhibits are not created equal. How to present information to jury becomes an important part of your trial - sometimes as much as the facts of the case. Don't leave such an important task as designing timelines, medical illustrations, infographics, etc. to just any trial graphics artist. APVisuals trial graphic artists are seasoned in producing effective and compelling trial graphic designs for clients in Miami, Broward and West Palm Beach Counties. Our artists are used to changing designs quickly due to ruling or new found evidence in cases. Our trial graphics artists are classically training artists who combine over 20 years of experience in trial graphics. We would love to work with you on your next case. Please call us at 305-318-9570 to discuss.


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