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Collecting and Preserving Evidence In 2021

In our predominantly digital world are you capturing and preserving evidence efficiently and in a way that will cater to your potential jurors? Technology changes and evolves on a daily basis affecting litigation. Have you thought of using drones in that construction case to capture worker(s) not wearing their safety harnesses? Have you thought of using a drone to create a 3D animation of the path of your client's vehicle? Did you capture images to preserve the dangerous condition before it is altered or changed? Did you record that video that shows the Defendant's guarantees?

APVisuals can help you collect and preserve evidence using high-resolution video, drones, photography and technology to ensure that the dangerous condition complained of in the complaint is preserved. We can later use the evidence captured to create 3d animations, multimedia presentations and various exhibits for trial. The key is to preserve and capture the evidence early on in your case.

Call APVisuals today to make sure that your exhibits and visuals presentations are handled the correct way from the beginning.


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