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Case Set for Trial in Miami-Dade County in the Age of COVID - What do you need to know?

So ... the COVID restrictions have been lifted in Florida. Your 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 case is set for trial in Miami-Dade County. And you just found out ... drum roll please ... the Miami-Dade Courthouse does not have any audio-visual equipment for trials. In the age of COVID the exchange of paperwork and multiple hands on one exhibit is no longer standard practice. What do you do? What do you need to know? Who do you call? ... APVISUALS, of course.

Currently, the Miami-Dade County is utilizing 13 courtrooms to try Civil Court cases. Each courtroom is not created equal. Each room does not have the same electrical/internet/wifi connections, do not have the same physical configuration, do not have same rules regarding the use of technology, and lets not forget Murphy's rule "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong." Accordingly, the decision to use technology at trial or mediation also should include the decision to hire a technician to set-up, break-down, and operate the technology during trial. This ensures that you, the lawyer, concentrate on presenting your legal arguments and are not worried on how to bring up the correct document on the screen at a certain time in trial. APVisuals dedicates itself to providing such expert technological services during trial and mediation. APVisuals prior to trial will: 1) make contact with corresponding judicial assistant to learn of the judge's specific rules regarding technology in their courtroom; 2) visit the courtroom to see the size and determine where the pull up screen, monitors, etc. will be placed; and 3) will conference with you about the best way to present your documents or trial exhibits be in in trial director or in a multimedia presentation.. Each judge likes to run their courtroom and control the placement of audio-visual equipment in a certain way. We are experienced in setting up courtrooms in Miami Dade County pursuant to each judge's preferences. APVisuals is used to communicating with each Judge's Judicial Assistant to coordinate set-up and break down of the audio-visual equipment in each room in order to comply with COVID protocols and each judge's preferences.

If you are headed to trial in the upcoming months, please contact us to discuss how we can help you present your exhibits/demonstratives/playbacks/etc. at trial.

In anticipation of working with us we recommend that you obtain and have ready the following information:

  1. Case Style

  2. Case Number

  3. Presiding Judge

  4. Trial Period

  5. Courtroom

  6. Estimated Length of Trial

  7. Services Need (Hot Seat Operator/Technician, Video editing, etc.)

  8. Equipment Needed (Screen, Monitors, D0cument Camera, etc.)

We look forward to hearing from you!


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