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APV Medical Graphics are Key to Educating Your South Florida Jury on Your Client's Injury

As you all may know, it is more likely than not that you will not have a doctor, nurse, or medical professional on your South Florida jury. Therefore, they will be unlikely to see injuries on MRI films, CT Scans, X-rays and other diagnostic films. They will also likely be unable to understand the extent of treatment, surgeries and permanency associated with these treatments. In order to have a jury fully understand injuries and treatment medical graphics and medical illustrations are key to your case.

In the past, attorneys have stayed away from investing in medical illustration worried that these medical illustrations would be marked in admissible. However, medical illustrations are considered demonstrative evidence. Therefore, medical illustration do not have to go through the hoops for direct case evidence.

When an attorney contacts our office for a medical illustration - there is always one goal, make the injury, medical procedure, or future damages understandable for the lay person. It is an attempt to explain to a jury, with no medical background, to comprehend what a herniation is, what a fusion is, etc. Of course, you are basically trying to condense years of medical training into a few hours of direct and cross examinations of experts and training physicians. Medical illustration have to be easy to understand, accurate, and be able to be validated by the treating physician.

When you hire APVisuals to create a medical illustration for your case, you can expect that the medical illustrator will not only work closely with you and your support staff, but the medical illustrator will also be in contact with your expert to ensure that everyone is on the same page. APVisuals usually asks the attorney to provide certain medical records (operative report, MRIs, CT scans, x-rays, etc.), a background of the case and injury, and what is to be highlighted. Of course, our illustrator will also give ideas and feedback based on our years of experience. After reviewing all these documents, the illustrator will create a draft (as finalized pursuant to the illustrator's opinion) and submit it to your expert's review for corrections and/or approval. This process may take a few tries based on the conversations between the attorney, illustrator and expert.


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