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Video Depositions - One of Our Many Services - APVisuals

Deposition have changed quite a bit over the past few years. In sum, video depositions have moved from simply using a court reporter to using a court reporter AND a videographer. Due to our society's ongoing thirst for visual/video stimulants, jurors long to see witness testimony; simply hearing the testimony is not enough. They long to see the witness giving the testimony, makes more of an impact when you see the person actually contradicting themselves.

APVisuals proudly provides its client video litigation services including video depositions. Depositions are captured using current digital video technology along with professional audio equipment and can be formatted to your needs (dvd, cd, mpg, mp4, etc...). We then can create clips from page and line designations as well as synchronize video to its transcript.

APVisuals' legal videographers arrive at the deposition location before everyone else in order to set up their equipment (camera, microphone, lights, background screen, etc.), make sure that the seating arrangement is configured, and simply the whole room is ready to go. We also work with the court reporter in order to ensure that all is accurately recorded (video and transcript). Then, in post production we can isolate sections with split screens synchronizing the video to the actual transcript allowing for efficient and effective playback at mediation and trial.

Why video deposition? Here are some reasons why it is better:

1. Lawyerly behavior - all lawyers tend to behave better when they are being filmed. IF you decide to conduct a video deposition rather than a regular deposition, it is more likely that your opposing counsel will not make meritless objections and "play games" at deposition.

2. Effective Impeachment - as we mentioned before, the impeachment is far more effective when you can see and hear the witness contradicting their own testimony. You just don't get the same effect reading off the testimony for the witness.

3. Demonstratives can be seen on video - Using demonstratives such as photographs, maps, etc. at deposition can be seen on a video deposition. It is easier for admissibility reasons and can help jurors see the consistency when used in the deposition and then again at trial.

4. Good predictor - Video deposition testimony is a good predictor how a witness will behave at trial. because they know that they are being filmed, they are more on point of how they will behave before an audience at trial. If they don't behave the same, it is also a win, win because the jury will be able to see that their testimony at trial is "just an act."

APVisuals is eager to work with you on your next case. If you are in need of a legal videographer for a deposition, day in the life, IME/CME, inspection, etc. please contact us to discuss.

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