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Custom Legal Graphic Design - Miami and Broward County

Each legal case is different ... each client is different ... each injury is different. SO why wouldn't you have custom demonstratives that show how your client's case is special? For example medical illustrations should be case specific, timelines should be case specific, overhead aerials should be case specific, etc. APVisuals offers its client expertise legal graphic design, in house printing - all in line with what you - our client - wants out of your case.

All trial graphics artists are not created equal. The trial graphic artist you choose to entrust your case and the storytelling of your case can either make or break your case. A GREAT trial graphic artist can help you concisely and effectively tell you client's story in a way that capture's the jury and judge's attention. Trial graphic artists can craft creative artistic solutions for infographics, timelines, 3DAnimations, medical illustrations and scene re-enactments. The reality is that even though anyone can pass a graphic artist course talent, experience, and knowledge are the components of a great trial graphic artist.

A good legal graphics design makes sure that the audience (jury, judge, adjuster, etc.) understands the exhibit or demonstrative, the design makes an impact on them and stays with them, and this happens in the least amount of time. If the exhibit is too difficult to understand, then the impact diminishes. So obviously, even though APVisuals's graphic designers are classically taught painters/artists they cannot just illustrate something as Degas would. Rather than artistic license, functionality takes precedent. For example: Is the text the right color? Is the background give enough contrast to the document/text so it is easily seen and readable?

APVisuals graphic artists/designers have the perfect balance when it comes to legal graphics design. We have over 30+ years combined experience designing and illustrating for South Florida attorneys. Although we understand that the timeline, flow chart, etc has to "work" -- we never forget that it also has to look good. It has to catch the attention of the jury.


All exhibits are not created equal. How to present information to jury becomes an important part of your trial - sometimes as much as the facts of the case. Don't leave such an important task as designing timelines, medical illustrations, infographics, etc. to just any trial graphics artist. APVisuals trial graphic artists are seasoned in producing effective and compelling trial graphic designs for clients in Miami, Broward and West Palm Beach Counties. Our artists are used to changing designs quickly due to ruling or new found evidence in cases. Our trial graphics artists are classically training artists who combine over 30+years of experience in trial graphics. We would love to work with you on your next case. Please call us at 305-318-9570 to discuss.

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