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Verdict Form? Make sure you Enlarge that VERDICT FORM?

Verdict Form - the most important document you will blow-up/enlarge during trial. So you have put on all of your witnesses, you have done amazing cross examinations of the other party's experts, and your ability to impeach is unquestionable ... but ... your juror's really don't understand how to fill out that verdict form. How do you fix this? Enlarge the verdict form and go through it with the jury during your closing arguments.

So how large to you blow-up the verdict form to be? Simple, large enough for the jury to read from the jury box and follow you during closing arguments. Although, APVisuals is capable of printing custom size boards for your case, we recommend that verdict forms are printed on 36" x 48" boards and to not go smaller than 30" x 40." Our verdict forms are also laminate which allows you to use a marker to demonstrate how the jurors should mark off the questions in favor of your client.

Because we print our boards in-house, we have the ability to turn around your orders quickly. We are not a regular printing company like Kinkos, Sir Speedy, etc. So we understand the importance of litigation and the time constraints that litigation creates. APVisuals specializes in printing blow-ups (documents, medical records, photographs, etc.), timelines (small and large), infographics, aerials and jury instructions. We can deliver boards to your office, to mediation or to the courthouse.


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