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"Keep it Simple Stupid" - But Don't Forget it also has to ENTERTAIN

We have discussed in our blog before that simple is better. The problem is that many attorneys confuse simple for boring.  The formula is SIMPLE + ENTERTAINING. as anyone that has a smart phone these days knows, you are constantly moving from stimuli to stimuli.  You are on your phone reading an article, while listening to the radio or TV, while someone else is speaking to you.  If you are driving home, you are probably listening to NPR or CNN, while reading the many billboards (that are now Digital changing the ads), and hearing your texts read to you by your car.  

It is important to keep in mind that your jurors are also experiencing this inundation of stimuli.  Because your audience (jury) has become accustomed to this type of information gathering they are more likely to pay attention to the attorney that is catering to their information needs.

Keeping your audience engaged means giving them different forms of information delivery. That means sound, video, boards, live testimony, etc.  By changing up the information, you are likely to have a jurors that wants to hear your client's side of the story - not a juror that is nodding off.

Although, you now know that a variety of presentation techniques must be employed, APVisuals perfects the actual demonstratives to capture attention.  We work one on one with you and your staff to determine the correct color scheme for your timelines and info graphics.  For example, certain colors may be used to signal a bad event such as death.  Therefore, overtime the jurors see that color on an exhibit during the trial, they understand it is bad. APVisuals also helps you determine the recommended size, video play length, size of screen, and items to print on trial boards.

If you are headed to trial soon, please contact us to discuss how we can help with your visual strategy. We would love to work with you on your next case.

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