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Why APVisuals In-House Printing Services Benefits You

Many so-called legal graphics firms and illustrators outsource their printing services. Meaning that they only design, but do not handle the production of the design. There are several reasons why this is not ideal to your case. Moreover, the use of in-house printing side by side with designer is key for quality control (i.e. color of photograph blow-ups, bent corners, etc.) It is a rare that a designer will not take pride in his creation and ensure that the print is exactly like his design. APVisuals by providing in-house printing services, makes sure that the print is what you see on a computer screen. When dealing with a case addressing scars, the color of a floor that creates an optical illusion, and injuries in general the mere change of a shade of color can impact your case.the outcome of your case.

In addition, by printing in house, APVisuals is able to keep costs below its competitors. There are less overhead and transport charges which translates into savings for its clients.

Furthermore by controlling the printing in-house. APVisuals does not have to "stand in line" or "in queue" for your product. For example, if any of you has ever used kino's to print a trial board, they place your order in queue and your product may not be done in time - that is not even addressing the board quality. We are able to respond to late-breaking changes faster and help speed up turn around times.

Security - Confidentiality also become a big issue. Some lawyers even have to sign confidentiality agreements before receiving certain documents from Defendants such as Walmart, HomeDepot, etc. Because our printing is handled in-house, and all of our employees sign a confidentiality agreement, your documents are safe with us.

If you are need of trial boards, large format printing, documents blow-ups or photograph blow-ups, contact us to discuss how we can help you produce said trial boards. We look forward to working with you.

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