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Have You Ever Lost A Case at Trial? Try to Better Your Odds with APVisuals on your side.

The lawyers that have never lost at trial are those that have never tried a case. It is true that many times you cannot control how 6 strangers will decide a case, however, you can tilt the odds in your favor on how you present your case. There are many reasons why lawyers decide not to settle and end up trying cases like

- Not enough offered at settlement to cover costs, medical bills, etc, that would eave the client a reasonable amount of compensation for their damages;

- The Defendant or Insurance Company is not offering anything at all so you HAVE TO try the case;

- Your client wants to take the risk and try to the case to see if a jury agrees with them;

- You have nothing to lose so you try the case and at the very least chalk it up to gaining experience

APVisuals specializes in providing litigation support at trial. We offer our clients AV Equipment (projectors, screens, elmo, trial director, etc.), large format printing, legal graphic design (infographics, flow charts, timelines, etc.), blow-ups, video play backs, easels, magnetic boards, dry erase boards, medical illustrations, 3D animations, and multimedia presentations for opening and closing. We have witnessed lawyers lose trials and win trials. Many times what sets apart a lawyer at trial is their preparation. This also includes involving a litigation graphics team such as APVisuals for trial exhibits and methods of presentation.

By the time lawyers and law firms usually hire their litigation graphics team, they believe that they have completed all the investigation, discovery, documentation, etc. However, many times when APVisuals is brought in to discuss the case, we request documents and/or items that have never been produced. This happens in cases where their is a question regarding control of a company or property. APVisuals will quickly go to the property, its website, etc. to find any evidence where the owner is holding itself out the public as the owner. If you wait too long, it is likely that this information may disappear. In construction cases, land use cases APVisuals can use aerial surveillance (drone footage) to document the current state of operations of the property. In medical malpractice/personal injury cases, we can illustrate injuries for use as medical and expert depositions.

Involving APVisuals early also means that we are able to develop exhibit for use at depositions that will eventually be used at trial. This helps you keep a common theme that carries all the way through to trial.

There is very little doubt that hiring APVisuals, a South Florida based litigation support and graphics team, will enhance your case. APVisuals produces persuasive, high quality, effective and engaging demonstratives and visuals that help explain the most complex of cases to jurors. If you have a case that you would like for APVisuals to work with you from the ground up please contact us at 305-318-9570. If you are currently working on a case that is done with discovery, we would be more than happy to assist you in preparing your case for mediation or trial. We are available 24/7 to discuss your case at

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