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Why You Shouldn't Hire ANY Audio Visual (AV) Support for Your Trial or Mediation

So you are about to go to trial. You have worked countless hours during pre-suit, making demands and negotiations. The insurance company refused to settle for a reasonable amount and you had to file suit, do numerous depositions, hire experts, do site inspections, attend an IME, do a day in the life video, and much more. On top of everything you have invested anywhere from 10,000 to 50,000 in your client's case. The insurance adjuster simply does not see the value in your case. You and your client have put in all this effort, time and money and are getting ready for TRIAL.

Why wouldn't you want an Audio Visuals Expert that SPECIALIZES IN LEGAL PROCEEDINGS? - Anything else would just be cutting corners and jeopardizing all of your hard work.

APVisuals, a South Florida based Litigation Support, Litigation Audio Visual, and Litigation Graphics company dedicates itself to providing services to Miami, Broward and West Palm Beach Lawyers and Law Firms. Our speciality is dealing with mediation and trial presentations. We know and understand the intricacies of courtrooms, judges, judicial assistants and more.

APVisuals has experience in assisting lawyers and law firms during all phases of a case. During the pre-trial phases we have helped clients prepare: 1) electronic, interactive demands; 2) documented day-in-the life videos; 3) take surveillance video of locations and/or individuals; 3) prepare medical illustrations for demands; 4) documents by photographing or video location and/or clients. Throughout the life of the case, after filing suit we have helped clients respond to: 1) discovery/requests for production; 2) bate stamp documents; 3) do electronic document organization; 4) prepare exhibits for use as depositions and mediation; 5) prepare mediation interactive presentations. Finally for trial we have the following for our clients: 1) sit in the trenches during trial; 2) provided hot seat operator; 3) designed timelines, infographics, medical illustrations, etc., 4) printed blow-ups, deposition callouts, jury verdicts, etc for clients, 5) ran deposition play backs; and 6) prepared interactive presentations for opening and closing. We are not stranger to hard work and dedication to your case. When you hire APVisuals you can expect the following:

1. Over 20 years of experience in: a) legal graphic design; b) design; c) large format printing; d) working with law firms, staff and attorneys; e) working with judicial assistants and judges;

2. Work with you to develop the best option for your trial presentation be it electronic or traditional trial boards;

3. Have available the trial technology necessary to present cases with hundreds of documents;

4. Have reliable and well-maintained equipment to help make sure that your trial runs smoothly;

5. Work together with legal assistants, secretaries, paralegal and any support staff on your team to create the best plan, obtain the exhibits and evidence quickly, and ensure that we have communication with all parts of the trial team;

6. Work with experts to ensure that the exhibits are to their standard to make sure that their testimony does not change. We also work with experts to make sure that the items that they need to make an effective presentation (Whiteboard, easel) are all in the court room.

7. We are prepared to provide scanning, copying and printing on site within the Courtroom to help with sudden changes in evidence, jury instructions and verdict forms.

8. Produce in house professional quality and compelling trial exhibits and blow-ups.

9. Communicate with Courthouses, judicial assistants and judges to place our equipment within their time constraints and in a way that does not obstruct their view or the jury's view in the Courtroom.

APVisuals prides itself on its ability to work with its clients, support staff, experts and court personnel in order to ensure the best trial presentation for all parties involved. If you are headed to trial, please contact to discuss how we can help you present your case at trial.


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