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Why Do You Want So Much Text on That Slide?

Legal Writing 101 - CONCISE! CONCISE! CONCISE! Then how come so many attorneys love words? The first step to fixing a problem, is to admit that you have one. And attorneys have one - using too many words in power point / interactive presentations slides.

When making slides in your presentations for mediation, opening, or closing the less actual words, the better. You do not want to:

1) Have so much information that the audience (jurors, judge, adjuster, opposing

counsel) is so busy trying to finish reading that they do not pay attention to you;

2) Put your entire speech on each slide so the presentations is less sincere and


3) Have so much information on the slide that the audience (jurors) have made up

their own minds rather than hearing your argument and presentation.

Concise is defined as expressing or covering much in few words. Keep this in mind when you and your trial team are preparing the text for a power point slide presentation (including any other program preparing slides). Don't make slides that are paragraphs of information. Don't create slides that you intend to read off of. Don't take paragraphs of information - form documents that you believe are key to the case are read them off completely - the presentation itself is not making it into the record!.

APVisuals has over 15 years of creating mediation and trial presentations. We are accustomed to creating slides that are concise, compel and captivate the audience. This includes not only choosing the right color scheme, but text, and video implementation. If you are headed to trial in the near future, please contact us to discuss how to help you prepare a presentation that will add to the strength of your case.


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