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Lawyer - Presenter Relationship: Trust is Key

Trust is a crucial factor in any client-attorney relationship. Similarly, the lawyer-presenter relationship requires trust for success in the courtroom. For over 15 years, APVisuals has had the opportunity of working with a number of different attorneys, with different styles, different practices, and different methods of handling their cases. We are proud to say, that throughout the years our hard-work, reliability, creativity have created a trust with our clients that most of our clients continue to retain our services.

An attorney has to be able to trust that their legal graphics firm is going to design the vision that is trapped in their mind for their case. An attorney has to trust that the hot seat operator is going to be able to pull up the correct document at the right time and not be answering a text or email. An attorney has to trust that their legal graphics team is an extension of their own legal team and are stakeholders in the outcome of the case. An attorney has to trust that their legal graphics and litigation support team is in their corner. An attorney has to trust that their legal graphics team is aware and paying attention to the ongoings in trial so that they are ready at the drop of a pin. An attorney has to trust that the legal graphics team is in contact with the judicial assistant to make sure that all equipment and electronic setup is according to the Judge/Court's rules. This is what APVisuals offers to its clients. In fact, some of our clients specifically ask for certain APVisuals employees to work on their cases because they have formed special bonds with a hot seat operator or a designer.

The reality is that this "trust" does not develop from one minute to the next. The odds are that an attorney initially retains APVisuals because of a recommendation from another lawyer or a great review. However, only through dealing with us, does the trust develop. APVisuals makes ourselves available 24 hours a day/7 days a week - especially when we are gearing up for trial. Our communication lines are always open to our clients in order to ensure that there no misunderstandings. And all projects, exhibits, call-outs are not produced until the attorney approves the same in writing.

APVisuals is a South Florida based legal graphics and litigation support company working with attorneys in Miami, Broward and West Palm Beach. We would love to work with you on your next case. If you are heading to mediation or trial, please contact us to discuss. We look forward to hearing from you.


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