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Hurricane Irma Damage - We Can Help You Document Damage

One thing is for sure, Hurricane Irma caused the State of Florida catastrophic damage. The Florida Keys and the West Coast were devastated. In addition, many property owners throughout the State of Florida sustained water and wind damage to to Irma's outer bands. Really ... no one in Florida was not affected by this Hurricane.

Now that we are assessing the damage caused by Irma, making claims to FEMA, and making claims to our insurance carriers, it is imperative that the actual damage is documented before repair and rebuilding take place.

APVisuals's employees and staff are no different from you and your clients. Luckily, APVisuals is getting back to work after HURRICANE IRMA! If you are a First Party Property Attorney, you know that documenting your client's property damage is key for those insurance claims. We are ready and available to help you video residential and commercial property damage.

WE CAN ALSO PROVIDE DRONE FOOTAGE TO VIDEO ROOF DAMAGE. Drone footage can also be used to documents damage in hard to reach places due to downed trees. Call us to discuss at 305-318-9570. You can also email us at


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