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Courtroom Equipment Rental - South Florida (Broward / Miami-Dade) APVisuals Discusses

As an experienced litigator, you know that you have very little notice before your case is called to trial during the two to four week trial period. However, in the little time you have to organize your presentation method and how to facilitate technology in the courtroom along with preparing your opening statement, voir dire, motions in limine arguments, etc.

Take the guess work out of setting up audio visual equipment and connections at trial. Make APVisuals part of your trial team in order to ensure that you have the latest and reliable technology during your trial. When you rent audio-visual equipment from APVisuals we handle the logistics of shipping, delivery, set-up and breakdown. This includes taking the worry about the needed cables, adapters, splitters, etc. APVisuals rents: 1) ELMO Document Projector(s); 2)Projector(s); 3) Projector Screen(s); 4) Monitor(s); 5) Flat Screen TV(s); 6) Dry Erase Board(s); 7) Laset Jet and/or Ink Jet Printer(s) and 8) speaker(s).

f you are interested in securing audio/visual support tech for your next trial, please select our trial support services page for more information. If you would like to speak to us as soon possible, please contact us at 305-318-9570.


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