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Complex Litigation Trial Presentation - No Problem

Are you a Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, or Monroe County attorney handling a complex litigation matter? Is your trial period coming up soon? Are you unsure how you will present/exhibit/introduce the voluminous documents exchanged in discovery? Call APVisuals to discuss how one of our skilled and expert trial technicians can help you streamline and present your case to a jury.

First is first! Are you wondering if you have a complex litigation case? Suppose you are litigating in Miami- Dade County. In that case, it is more likely than not that it has been transferred to the complex litigation division if you are handling a complex litigation case. If you are unsure, a complex litigation case can involve a case with 1) numerous parties; 2) large amounts of money at stake; 3) complex legal issues, and/or 4) a lengthy trial.

Complex litigation trials, logistically, can be a headache for presenting evidence, exhibits, etc. With multiple counsel handling hundreds, if not thousands, of documents, keeping track of admitted exhibits is daunting. To present your case seamlessly and effectively, APVisuals can integrate technology that is not only allowed but, at this point, expected.

APVisuals uses trademarked and licensed trail management software to manage intense document cases. This allows counsel to quickly call up documents/exhibits with the ease of a scanner or simple number. This speeds up trials and ensures you do not lose the jury's attention. There is less of an awkward pause where the attorney shuffles through papers and more of a smooth transition when impeaching a witness. At the same time, the document/evidence/video is simultaneously shown on a screen to the jury. This is not only accomplished by the use of the software but by retaining an experienced trial technician who learns your case and the documents, organizes the documents in a way to readily call up any documents, confers with you and your team in advance regarding likely exhibits to be presented and overall works with your trial team.

If you or your law firm are headed to trial, contact APVisuals at 888-399-0988 to retain your trial technician, trial technician expert, designer, and/or graphics specialist.


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