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Renting AV Equipment for Trial or Mediation - Call APVisuals

Need an Elmo for trial or mediation? Need a large screen projector? Need a flat screen TV? Need individuals computer screens for counsel, judge, and jury? Need speakers? Need any other equipment to show your presentation and/or evidence? Call APVisuals to reserve your equipment today.

Rental of AV Equipment includes, set up and break down. Set up includes delivering al of the rented equipment to the courtroom/mediation location, hooking up the equipment accordingly (of course ensuring that it meets the approval of the subject mediation and/or judge) and checking the equipment in front of counsel that all is appropriately working. Our set up also includes showing counsel how to use the AV Equipment. Break down includes taking all the equipment down, packing and ensuring that the locale is not damaged and put back to its original state.

Now ... you may not be an expert in handling AV Equipment. Or ... this may be the first time that you use this type of a AV Equipment. So let us take it a step further. We always offer our client attorneys the chance to retain a hot seat operator to stay the course of your trial or presentation. This ensures that there is someone on site to fix any hiccup that may occur in the trial such as: 1) the judge now wants to moves courtrooms and you do not know how to set up the equipment quickly; 2) there is a power outage at the courthouse and you d not know how to set back up the equipment; 3) the projector has a shortage and a hot seat operator on site can have the projector replaced in minimal time; 4) etc. Take the guess work out of the technology performance during your litigation event.

APVisuals takes the guess work out when providing litigation support to South Florida attorneys and law firms. We specialize in determining the types of files that you video deposition medical records, medical illustrations, etc. are saved as and ensure that we have the correct program to display these documents and exhibits. It can be a catastrophe if you are at trial and do not have the correct connecting cable, the correct program or the even the correct operating system. In order to avoid these types of issues, contact APVisuals to arrange an APVisuals trial audio visual specialist to join you at trial and mediation.

Disclaimer: Please note that the rental of AV Equipment does not include a hot seat operator during the course of the mediation or trial. If you claim that a piece of equipment is not working, and have not retained a hot seat operator, APVisuals will send a tech out to the Courthouse/Mediation location to check the equipment. If the equipment is working, and it is simply that the attorney/paralegal did not use the equipment correctly, APVisuals will charge a service fee for checking the equipment. If the equipment is not working, there will be no charge to replace the equipment and no service charge for coming out to check on your claim.

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