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Good Communication Between Trial Graphic Artist/Tech and Attorney is Key

Keeping a good working relationship between an attorney and their trial graphic artist/technician is key to your client's case. It is similar to an attorney's working relationship with their assistant. if the attorney doe snot have a good working relationship with their assistant/paralegal, pleadings are not drafted quickly, meetings are not scheduled efficiently and so on, so on. Having a good relationship with your trial graphic artist/technician not only produces compelling presentations and graphics for mediation and/or trial but it helps your budget as well since information is communicated effectively to your trial graphic artist/technician.

What does it mean to have a good relationship with your trial graphic artist/technician? It means:

1. Communicating with your trail graphic artist/tech early on in the case.

2. Working directly with the trial graphic artist/technician to make sure that presentations are done seemlessly.

a. Attorney uses the presentation before mediation/trial.

b. The trial technician knows how the attorney presents the case so they know

the pauses, etc.

c. The attorney communicates the key ides, documents so those items are

readily available.

d. The attorney is aware of the equipment that is being used to determine if they

will move to the next ides or have their technician do it.

e. etc.

3. Expectations are clear on both parts so roles are clearly defined and the technician/graphic artist know what is to be done, designed, set-up, etc.

4. You practice your opening statement, closing, etc. If you are going to use the trial graphic artist/technician during certain parts of the trial, practice with them present. This will make it more comfortable to bring up documents, etc.

Now of course, there are attorneys that do not need to practice with their tech, if they have been using the same tech for years in mediation and trial. They have built up a relationship and are accustomed to how one works with the other. This is another benefits of creating a good relationship, over years so your trial graphic artist/tech knows how the attorney tends to work and how they prefer to present their case.

With the new attorneys, we always recommend practicing calling up graphics and documents prior to mediation and/or trial. Even if this is your first time "at the rodeo" it will not look like it because you have practiced bringing up the images and thus appear to be experienced. Which appearance, as you know, can make or break you in front of the jury.

Attorneys are also presenting "stories" to juries. No one likes to hear a story that keeps being interrupted and broken down into little pieces. You like to hear the story move smoothly through. If you have to stop because there is a hiccup in bring a document, or you have to search for the document that you believe you want to show etc., the continuity of your client's story is broken.

APVisuals and its graphic designers/techs have spent over 30 years combines creating strong Rapport with South Florida litigators. Our clients continue to return to us because we tailor presentations, graphics, etc to their requests. If you are headed to mediation or trial next week, or in the next months, call us to discuss how we can help you and your case. We look forward to hearing from you.

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