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Trial Graphics - Make Complex Ideas Understandable

South Florida juries, whether you like it or not, sometimes just don't "Get the Message." Sometimes they do not understand how an injury happened, what went wrong in an operating room, how your client is still unable to function correctly.

In a way this is easily understandable. You have been working on your case for months if not years and now, You know the ins and outs. You have taught yourself in the medical procedure in a way that allowed you to cross the medical experts and treating physicians. You have researched over and over again the mortality tables, applicable law, and scene characteristics. So much has gone into your preparation of the case and now ... you have to compress all your knowledge into a few days to a few weeks for trial. How will you be able to communicate all the knowledge that you have gained throughout the litigation of your case into such little time? How will you ensure that the jury will understand the most complex issues in your case? - TRIAL GRAPHICS.

Auditory memory has proved hands down to by systematically inferior to visual memory. See Auditory Recognition Memory is Inferior to Visuals Recognition Memory. This 2009 Psychological study found that in every situation that visuals memory is far superior to auditory memory. Subjects, after being showed 10,000 images for a few seconds could recall the images at about 83% accuracy. However, auditory memories were not close to that.

Accordingly, attorneys cannot stand and simply lecture jurors on the facts and law of their case. Trial graphics have to be employed. Not every trial graphic artist is created equal. Not all trial graphics artists know how to design for a jury, judge and adjusters. You wouldn't just hire any medical expert for your case, then why would you hire just any trial graphic artist for your presentation - the item that stays in your jurors' minds. See our article "Finding a Great Trial Graphics Artist" on tips on how to find a great trial graphic artist.

How to present information to jury becomes an important part of your trial - sometimes as much as the facts of the case. Don't leave such an important task as designing timelines, medical illustrations, infographics, etc. to just any trial graphics artist. APVisuals trial graphic artists are seasoned in producing effective and compelling trial graphic designs for clients in Miami, Broward and West Palm Beach Counties. Our artists are used to changing designs quickly due to ruling or new found evidence in cases. Our trial graphics artists are classically training artists who combine over 20 years of experience in trial graphics. We would love to work with you on your next case. Please call us at 305-318-9570 to discuss.

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