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Call APVisuals, South Florida Legal Graphics Company, For Your Next Case

That feeling you get when you realize that your trial exhibits and demonstratives are not as good as the other side.

You are all pumped up for trial. You know your case , front and back. No one is going to put anything past you. Then you walk int the courtroom and the other side has stunning visuals. As you move through trial the jury seems captivated by the medical illustrations, the timelines, the trial exhibits boards, the video deposition playbacks. The jury seems to focus more on the other's argument because they can see and hear it all at once. Then the verdict, you worst fears are confirmed ... the ruling is not in favor of your client. You had a strong case. You were confident in you ability to argue the case. BUT ... YOU FORGOT TO GIVE THEM THE VISUALS. You forgot to make demonstrative exhibits that cater to today's juror and make sure that they under stand you case.

Don't get this feeling - HIRE APVISUALS for your next mediation and/or trial. We will work one on one to develop the best visual presentation strategy for your client's case.

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