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Why Machines Can't Replace Human Legal Graphic Designers

Legal graphics and visuals have become an essential part of legal proceedings in our technology driven environment. Regardless whether one side is right over the other, jurors want to see it and analyze it for themselves. They want to see the surveillance video. They want to see the animation of the medical procedure. They want to see how it compares to another standard. Legal graphics designers and hot seat operators are present in courtrooms to make sure that jurors are delivered their requested information in a format that they are accustomed to.

With automation increasing over numerous industries, some graphics design to a certain extent has become automated. For explain, their are stock medical illustrations available for certain medical conditions and procedures. Even though, stock images and fill in the blank type timelines have become a resource for lawyers and lawyers, each case is different. Each client is different. Each accident is different. Therefore, adjustments to to even stock images and fill in the blank timelines have to take place. Attorney know better than anyone else, that each case has its intricacies. It is like DNA, even though the cases may be similar, it is almost impossible to have the same case, with the same set of facts, with the same damages, and with the same injuries go to trial.

Legal graphic designers have years of training develop the necessary skills to present legal cases in an effective way. APVisuals has over 15 years of experience creating demonstrative and exhibits for South Florida law firms. The human touch that each graphic artist brings to each exhibit, cannot be replaced.

If you are headed to trial soon, please contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our legal graphic designers to make custom tailored exhibits for your case. We look forward to hearing from you.

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