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Audio Visual Support for Trial and Mediation in South Florida

Lawyers are sometimes accused of speak "their own language" syndrome. The funny thing is that audio and visual support techs also have their own language: HDMI, DVD, TIFF, JPEG, PDF, PNG, MP4, ADGP, PNG, PSD, BMP and so on.

If you do not know what these acronyms stand for, you are not alone. These acronyms and letters deal with how a file is stored and named, the type of program that must be used to open files, and various ways to connect a computer or audio visual equipment for display at trial.

APVisuals takes the guess work out when providing litigation support to South Florida law firms. We specializing in determining the types of files that your video deposition, medical records, medical illustrations, etc. are saved as and ensure that we have the correct program to display these documents and exhibits. It can be a catastrophe if you are at trial and do not have the correct connecting cable, the correct program or the even the correct operating system. In order to avoid these types of issues, contact APVisuals to arrange an APVisuals trial audio visual specialist to join you at trial and mediation.

Other issues that you may encounter include: 1) making sure that the right equipment is at the court house; 2) brining the right equipment if the courthouse does not house the right technology; and 3) dealing with the judge's special requirements regarding technology. APVisuals's audio visual specialists have available to them high powered laptops, remote wifi for the courthouse with not so perfect internet service, connecting cables, state of the art projectors and screens, and other equipment upon request.

If you or your lawfirm are headed to mediation or trial, contact APVisuals at 305-318-9570

to retain your hot seat operator, designer, and/or graphics specialist.

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