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Using Drone Footage to Recreate Accidents

Up until recently, in order to recreate accidents for trial or mediation, illustrators and animators used aerial photographs and ground photographs to recreate the scene of a car accident, fall accident, construction accident, etc. APVisuals is proud to now offer its clients drone footage, when requested, to recreate accidents and accident scenes.

Using drones for accident reconstruction allows us to gather information regarding incident scenes rather quickly. After the scene of the incident is captured, including the view point of the subject(s), our 3D animators incorporate objects such as vehicles, chairs, etc. and people to make the recreation more realistic. Recreation of accident scenes can be very valuable at mediation and trial. APVisuals will work closely with your accident reconstructionist to ensure that the footage and animation are to their specifications.

If you have a case that is on its way to mediation or trial, please

us to discuss your case and map out the visual litigation needs of your case. APVisuals will work with you to create custom tailored exhibits, animations, boards, medical illustrations and presentations to enhance your case.

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