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Defective Airbags - APVisuals's Experience with Exhibits and Demonstratives

APVisuals is no stranger to working with South Florida lawyers and law firms on product liability cases. Some type of product liability cases that we have helped create visuals strategies, demonstratives, interactives for have been specific vehicle rollover cases (the manufacturer name left out for confidentiality reasons) and defective airbag cases (the manufacturer name left out for confidentiality reasons).

More recently, there has been a lot of news regarding defective airbag litigation. The New York Times in 2014 reported that Airbag manufacturer Takata had secretly conducted tests on 50 airbags after one if its airbags ruptured and injured a driver in Alabama.

In May 18, 2017 NPR reported that 4 major car companies (Toyota, Subaru, Mazda and BMW) settled their Takata Lawsuits for $553 million which covers nearly 16 million vehicles. Now this was a class action that dealt with vehicle owners and lessees affected by the recall. THIS DOES NOT ADDRESS PERSONAL INJURY CLAIMS.

Because our legal graphics firm has experience in handling product liability matters and more specifically, airbag malfunction, we are prepared and able to produce exhibits that convince your opposing counsel to settle early on. If you are currently handling a defective air bar personal injury matter, call us to discuss how we can assist you in creating a visual presentation to push settlement along. We look forward to hearing from you.


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