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APVisuals's South Florida (Broward and Miami-Dade) Legal Video Deposition Services

Hiring an experienced legal videographer from APVisuals to conduct and record legal video depositions can make all the difference for your client's case. At APVisuals, we understand that the preservation of a witness's demeanor, reaction to exhibits, presentations, facial expressions, and intonation can be among the most critical factors at trial.

The reality is that the nuances captured by a video deposition cannot be recreated by an attorney reading a transcript into the record. An attorney cannot recreate the intonation, facial expressions, body language, and at times, witnesses looking to opposing counsel for an answer or approval of their testimony. In addition, when an attorney reads the transcript into evidence, jurors see an attorney reading the testimony rather than a witness testifying. Even though it shouldn't, this creates doubt. For impeachment purposes, it is almost critical that a juror hears the contradicting testimony from the witness himself/herself.

During these trying times (COVID), APVisuals has the experience, knowledge, and audiovisual equipment to record and preserve legal video depositions - be it in person or remote. Depositions are captured using digital video technology and professional audio equipment and can be formatted to your needs. Clips can later be created from page and line designations. APVisuals can also synchronize the transcript to the video.

We are happy to provide in-person legal video deposition services to Miami-Dade, Broward, Monroe, and Palm Beach. We also offer remote legal deposition services to the United States, including its territories. Call us today to book an experienced videographer for your deposition at 305-318-9570.


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