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APVisuals is proud to offer clients in-house video services. Whether it is recording a litigation event such as a Deposition, CME or Day in the life or creating a video product such a demand package, APVisuals uses state of the art technology to produce clear and compelling video exhibits/evidence to enhance your case.

Of course, your documents and items are secure with us. APVisuals handles all documents, photographs, videos, and confidential items with the upmost confidentiality.  All APVisuals employees sign confidentiality agreements upon hire. In addition, all documents, photographs, videos, and confidential items are never sent off-site or outsourced for recording, editing, synchronization or duplication. 

Some of our options include:

  •      IME/CME Video Recording

  •      Deposition Video Recording

  •      Text and Video Synchronization

  •      Video Editing

  •      Day in the Life Video Recording

  •      Mock Trial/Focus Group Recording

  •      Site Inspection Video Recording

  •      Vehicle Inspection Video Recording

  •      Video Wills

  •      On Site Meeting Space


We take great pride in our work at APVisuals and take every step necessary to assure the best audio/video quality possible. 

Located in Pembroke Pines, Florida, we have a central location in order to readily provide litigation support to South Florida law firms. Please contact us to schedule your next video deposition or to discuss how our video services can enhance your case.



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