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Professional Trial Exhibits at Reasonable Prices

Professional and Quality driven exhibits sum

us up. APVisuals, in house printing and laminating trial exhibit production, focuses on delivering high quality prints for reasonable prices. What is the one thing that the jurors are looking closely at - THE EXHIBITS. If low quality boards are use where the lamination is coming, off, the corners are bent, the boards are warping and falling off the easel, the jurors are likely to notice.

A trial board can range from a simple black and white enlargement of a document to a 12 foot time line that has magnetic components. Other trial boards that APVisuals can design are:

- Black and White Document Blow-Ups/Enlargements

- Color Photograph Blow-Ups/Enlargements

- Timelines

- Medical Illustrations

- Flow Charts

- Infographics (Custom Tailored)

- Aerials

- Overlays

- Call-Outs

- Jury Verdict Forms

APVisuals is aware that different cases have different budgets based on the verdict range for the facts and injuries. Accordingly, we work with you to create demonstratives that not only work for your case, but for your budget as well.

Other benefits of using boards at trial (not including the constant static image and cost benefit) is that the lawyer does not need the help of a hot-seat operator to display the images on a board. The attorney is at liberty to show the board at their convenience, without the help of any other person at trial. This allows the attorney to retain an image of control before the jury.

APVisuals's large format prints are mounted on high-quality foam core boards that may or may not be laminated, pursuant to the client's request. This allows for handling of the boards multiple times without damage to them. In fact, boards that present a negligence standard or a statute can withhold numerous uses at multiple trials.

MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL -- APVISUALS CONTROLS THE WHOLE PRINTING PROCESS. We do not out source your exhibits to third party vendors. We have our own large format printer, mounter and laminating system; everything is done in-house. Some of our other in house services include: document scanning, large format printing, laminating, legal graphic design, medical illustrations, drone footage, and much more. Check out the rest of our website for more details.

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