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Technology and Its Effect on the Judicial Process - Attention Miami Dade and Broward Attorneys

There is no doubt that technology had become an integral factor in trying cases in Miami-Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach. Moreover, judicial systems are investing money in incorporating sound systems, screens for jury, judge and counsel in each courtroom (See New Broward County Courthouse). Technology is continually evolving and weaving its self into every facet of our lives - Why would the Courthouse be any different? We have come a long way from how a Courtroom looks like on a 'Perry Mason' re-run.

What does this mean to you? As an attorney you may have to either: 1) go through numerous hours of training on technology and equipment (but this includes knowing what technology is in each court room, what cables (HDMI, VGA, etc) that you have to bring to trial, knowing how to turn from and to the switchboard for your case, etc.); or 2) hire a litigation support firm like APVisuals that knows technology and litigation support like he back of their hand. APVisuals and its employees knows the ins and out of courtrooms before trial even starts. We communicate with judicial staff, prior to trial, to ensure that we comply with the Judge's preferences. We visit the Courtroom prior to trial to see what technology exists in the Court and offer you the best option for a seamless presentation. We set up the Courtroom before opposing counsel's litigation support staff in order to ensure that we have our reliable equipment on hand that we know has been maintained in good working order. We make sure that we have back up equipment such as extra monitors, screens, and projectors. We pride ourself on the fact that we try to think of the pitfalls that could happen, so we can deal with any issues efficiently.

The reality is that the use of technology in courtrooms affects how juries and judges make their decisions. They can now be presented with 3D animations that not only show a medical procedure but can demonstrate the right versus the wrong procedure. And this is not with static images, but with a 'movie' that keeps the jurors entertained. Jurors can now see accident recreations so their imaginations so not have to run wild trying to picture how a garage door slashed the Plaintiff's face. So Jurors through the use of technology now see images, even though they are only demonstrative, that help solidify a particular point of view.

With regard to the use of video depositions, a judge or jury is more likely to pay attention, remember and believe a video deposition rather than one of the lawyers reading the deposition into the record. In addition, if a video deposition is being used to impeach a witness, it it much more impactful because the jury will be able to see the witnesses demeanor at deposition - they might be on their best behavior at trial and the video would be a great contrast.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when considering how technology affects judges and juries. Fortunately, APVisuals works with its client to determine the best use of different technologies to enhance your client's position. If you are heading to trial in the near fu

ture, please call us to discuss how we can help your case.

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