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New Broward County Courthouse Sets New Rules/Specifications for Video Presentation

As many know, there is a new Broward County Courthouse! Like many new upgrade in the building, technology and video viewing equipment was also upgraded. Of important the Courtrooms have the following:

1) evidence presentation systems that support up to 4K resolution with automatic scaling and audio playback;

2) the judge has two computers one connected to the court system and the other to the evidence presentation system;

3) there are computer monitors for jurors;

4) there is a computer monitor for the witness that cannot be viewed by jurors;

5) there are television monitors suspended from the ceiling for viewing by the gallery;

6) counsel tables outlets that have AC power, a pullout cable with a VGA connector; a pullout cable with an audio connector;

7) counsel must supply their own WIF if not they have to use the Court Wifi which is not very strong/good;

8) there is an evidence presentation podium that a touch screen monitor, DVD player, VCR, and an ELMO. Counsel can project documents from this podium to the witness, opposing counsel and Judge. Judge controls access of the documents to the jury.

9) counsel must supply their own cable to connect to the system at the Evidence Presentation Podium

10) counsel tables are presented with a microphone and speaker.

APVisuals proudly keeps itself abreast of new technology and equipment installed in South Florida Courtrooms. In addition, to receiving information regarding complete changes like above, prior to trial we will call the corresponding Judicial Assistant to determine: 1) the equipment in the courtroom in order to identifying any equipment that needs to be supplied by us/counsel; 2) we inquire on set up and take down procedures and times; 3) we coordinate with the judicial assistant regarding the judge's preference on placement of technology/AV equipment; and 4) we try to ensure that we are at the courthouse early so you are at ease with the set up of the presentation equipment.

If you are heading to trial in Miami-Dade or Broward County, we would love to work with you on creating and presenting evidence to a jury. Please call us to discuss at 305-318-9570.

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