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Whether you are a young lawyer that just passed the Florida Bar exam or a young lawyer that is about to try their first case in Miami or Broward Civil Court, there is only one way to take on a more experienced opposing counsel ... PREPARE! PREPARE! PREPARE!

The reality is that a young lawyer cannot make up for the courtroom hours an experienced adversary has their bag of tricks. However, knowing your file back and forth, knowing the breakdown of your depositions, knowing the order or proof, preparing your lists, and going over and over your case will definitely help you succeed in trial.

It is very important to have a handle on the courtroom that you will be trying your case. This means that while you are going over your case and learning the ins and out, you have to visit the courtroom where you will be trying the case. You have to see where you will be standing when addressing a witness. You have to see where you will be standing when you are addressing the jury. This also means that if you are retaining an audio visuals/trial graphics team like APVisuals, the team has to take over the courtroom first and give you the advantage.

Part of the preparation is your preparation on how you will present evidence, exhibits, and witnesses. Will you be using a multimedia presentation? Will you be playing video deposition? Will you be printing trial boards? Will you be using audio tapes? Or will you be using a combination of all these resources. As we all know, Trial can be much like theatre. We have to plan our performances, choose our props, and choose our costumes. If the play (trial) goes off without a hitch, the better your case stands before the audience (judge and jury).

Many lawyers study their case and memorize all the details. Only a few days before trial do some lawyers realize that they need a hot seat operator to run the audio-visual equipment, that they need a timeline designed, that they need jury instructions enlarged and mounted on trial boards. By waiting until the last minute, you will be caught unprepared. It takes time to design demonstrative, medical illustrations and infographics that are compelling and persuasive. APVisuals like to be involved early on in order to design timelines, medical illustrations, 3Danimation that support your case rather than take anything away from it.

There is every little doubt that hiring APVisuals, a South Florida based litigation support and graphics team, will enhance your case and make your more prepared at trial. APVisuals produces persuasive, high quality, effective and engaging demonstratives and visuals that help explain the most complex of cases to jurors. If you have a case that you would like for APVisuals to work with you from the ground up please contact us at 305-318-9570. If you are currently working on a case that is done with discovery, we would be more than happy to assist you in preparing your case for mediation or trial. We are available 24/7 to discuss your case at

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