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Printed Trial Boards - Necessary Tool in the Litigator's Arsenal

Most litigators now favor using technology like power point, keynote, and trial director when litigating cases. There are obvious reasons for it - no longer having to carry large format boards, ability to highlight and edit in court/mediation, and able to change exhibits/demonstratives with one worded commands. However, experienced litigators know that printed trial boards have never lost their place in trial and will likely never do so.

There are benefits and reasons for using trial boards over electronic presentation methods. Using a trial board, a static image, is now more rare than the use of a multimedia presentation. Therefore, jurors tend to look at it over and over again and focus on the BOARD at trial. Other benefits of using boards at trial (not including the constant static image and cost benefit) is that the lawyer does not need the help of a hot-seat operator to display the images on a board. The attorney is at liberty to show the board at their convenience, without the help of any other person at trial. This allows the attorney to retain an image of control before the jury.

APVisuals's large format prints are mounted on high-quality foam core boards that may or may not be laminated, pursuant to the client's request. This allows for handling of the boards multiple times without damage to them. In fact, boards that present a negligence standard or a statute can withhold numerous uses at multiple trials.

It is true, about 15 years ago when APVisuals first opened its doors in South Florida, attorneys would go to trial with hundreds of 40" x 60" boards. There was little to any electronic presentations used in Court. Now, we usually see attorneys choose important damage boards, jury instructions, timelines, and other static images they would like the jury to see over and over again blown up into trial boards. The rest - put in electronic format. So because it is not an everyday occurrence for a juror to see a board, whatever is printed and blown up definitely gets the juror's attention.

APVisuals's believes that a lawyer should bring an arsenal to trial. The lawyer's presentation should include technology and static images such as boards. It creates variety and keeps the jurors' attention. If you are headed to trial soon, please contact us to discuss possible trial board exhibits for your case. We look forward to hearing from you.

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