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Demonstratives for Opening Statement - APVisuals Discusses

It is no secret that each one of your juror's attention span seems to be dwindling day by day. Blame it on television, blame it on computers, blame it on hand held personal electronic devices. Regardless of why this is our reality, it is something that litigation graphic designers, litigation support firms and attorneys need to factor in when trying to plan their opening statements.

Opening statements, when your jurors are "fresh," When, more likely than not, you will have their most focused moments. So ... make it memorable. Seize the opportunity to present your best case in opening statements. Your opening statement should combine audio and visual stimuli to make sure that it is the most compelling and captivating opening statement as possible. Make a lasting first impression, one that helps your credibility and your client's story. As an experienced litigator, you probably know, that the jury makes up their mind about you in your opening statement. They determine if you are credible, if they like your style and if they believe your case. Psychologists have also found that people tend to believe what they hear first. So very important let them see and hear first your client's story.

Our recommendation ... use a mix of trial boards and multimedia (power point) to get your message across in opening statement. Make sure that you are taking out all manners of communicating your ideas, facts, theories etc. to ensure

that all types of learners are getting the information in your opening statement. In sum, APVisuals believes that using technology in conjunction with trial exhibit boards creates the best solution. It offers jurors many ways to absorb the information that is being rapidly given to them.

APVisuals has over 20+ years of combined experience in preparing and assisting local South Florida attorneys prepare trial and mediation exhibits. We offer in house, graphic design, printing, video, animations and medical illustrations. We would love to work with you on your next trial. If your are interested in developing a demonstrative strategy for your next trial or mediation please contact us at 305-318-9570 or an

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