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Need Trial Boards? Find the Right printing Company in South Florida.

Any lawyer can attest to the fact that detail is key in any case. The copies or prints of the documents associated with your case are no exception. Lawyers do not merely ask for 100 copies of a document to hand out to employees or hand out as flyers. Document printing and blow-ups have to be accurate down to the color, gloss, etc. - the admission of said board/document depends on it. In addition, lawyers and law firms not only need the document to be accurate but to printed efficiently and delivered on time. More likely than not, lawyers are pressed for time, running around trying to get all their Is dotted and all there Ts crossed. So you need to have access to a printer that is either able to pick up your documents, receive your requests via email or in anyway be readily available to take in the work where your time is preserved as much as possible.

Sometimes your documents just don't but it. They may have been copied off center or diagonally. Your secretary may have written important notes on your only copy. Maybe the document that you have is a copy of a copy of a copy and needs a bit or design or tender love and care. You would need a graphic designer to help with any issue that you may have with restoring a document or taking confidential work product off a document before enlarging it. Maybe you need to create a large time-line all together that you need enlarged - ideally done by a legal graphic designer.

APVisuals can print, enlarge, blow-up any document from letter size (8" x 11") to any length (you choose) x 40." We can also design, call-out important text, or simply print any document.

Because APVisual's prints our boards in-house, we have the ability to turn around your orders quickly. We are not a regular printing company like Kinkos, Sir Speedy, etc. So we understand the importance of litigation and the time constraints that litigation creates. APVisuals specializes in printing blow-ups (documents, medical records, photographs, etc.), timelines (small and large), infographics, aerials and jury instructions. We can deliver boards to your office, to mediation or to the courthouse.

If you are headed to trial or mediation, and are in need of enlargements of documents, photographs, etc. and exhibit boards, please call us to discuss. We would love to work with you.

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